The Community Shop At Punarjani


We all march to the rhythm of the hectic lifestyle dictated by the metropolitan cities we live in, often overlooking the miseries of those who aren’t as privileged as we are.
Punarjani Ayurveda, located in Chikkanayakanahalli, Sarjapur Road, practices authentic Ayurveda and its community shop has been instrumental in providing various charitable services, since its inception two decades ago.

The Community shop was the manifestation of a long-cherished dream of starting a community store in Bangalore on the part of Advocate Baiju Stephen, the Managing Trustee of the Punarjani Charitable Trust.

The Community store offers great relief and several benefits to the underprivileged. The less fortunate can avail food grains, bedding, clothing, stationery items (both new and old ones in good condition) absolutely free of cost. The only requirement for availing these benefits is to submit a valid ID proof.

You can lend a helping hand and aid the underprivileged as well. Your noble contributions will go a long way in lighting up the light of the lives of the needy.

What may be lying unused in a corner of your home can be dropped in at the Punarjani community store only to go on to make a world of a difference to someone else.

Punarjani has a strict policy of only collecting items in good condition and a comprehensive quality analysis will be done first. The needy can come in and avail these goods, through the community shop, free of cost.

What can you contribute?

Study Materials and Stationery

You could contribute old textbooks, class workbooks, yearbooks, guides, unused notebooks, drawing books, graph books, A4 sheets or dictionaries to name a few. These resources aid in the education of students who cannot afford the same.
Stationery includes geometry boxes, water or poster paints, paintbrushes, pencil boxes, pens, pencils, pen stands, schoolbags, rulers, sharpeners, crayons, erasers, colour pencils and the like.

Kitchenware and Food

At the Punarjani community store, you could also contribute dry food grains (cereals, pulses), old reusable kitchenware and/or cutlery (plates, glass, bowls).

Clothing and Linens

Contribute clothes in good condition which lay unused in your wardrobe, blankets, bedsheets, winterwear like blankets and sweaters and sanitary items like unused diapers and sanitary pads.


Toys, lunch boxes, raincoats, umbrellas, slippers and unused gifts are a few of those things that could be contributed if all in good and reusable condition.


Things like old furniture items such as wardrobes, book racks, shoe stands, cots, dining sets can also be contributed. However, unlike the others, these contributions are to be made in person to the needy and cannot be dropped off at the community shop.

Condition of contributed items?

Only clean and reusable items shall be accepted.
Unkept, torn, unusable items in filthy condition shall not be accepted.
Contributions cannot be dumped. They must be neatly packed in cloth or paper bags and the content should be labelled with the name of the donor and their contact information.
The contribution to the needy is a clear platform and hence, happens under the name of the donor itself.

In addition to the above, patients below the poverty line visiting the community shop can also get a free ENT consultation from Dr Shermija B Stephen.

To get more information on the work done by the community shop at Punarjani, do not hesitate to reach out to or call 080 25741168.

The community shop at Punarjani tries to aid the needy, in the truest essence of charity overlooking caste, creed or religion. Anyone who wants to be a part of our charitable movement are most welcome to join hands with them. Monetary contributions are strictly not entertained.

Donate to Punarjani community shop today and you’ll surely be donating a smile!